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A visceral, thrilling collection of stories by prescient lesbian writer Camille Roy explores what it takes to survive as a young sex and gender outlaw in the heart of America.

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Tell us something about this new book.

Honey Mine is an adventure story as well as an exploration of sex and gender and American realities. It's a cross between an excavation and a romp. For me, the book creates a record of surviving and thriving under conditions of danger. It's  faithful to the experience of a young person who is overwhelmed and passionate and completely impacted by everything that surrounds her. The book is new because it’s female and lesbian; old because it’s just American. 


How would you characterize the style of your book?

Juicy, sexy, witty, sly. Also investigative, narrative, experimental, and urban. It's a New Narrative work.

Coming to San Francisco and encountering New Narrative taught me how to write. My own reality was challenging. New Narrative gave me a way in. I believe this is why it continues to be interesting; it’s a set of techniques for representing realities that are outside the mainstream. 


Camille Roy's skittish predatory language stalks the inexplicable, then pounces. Her nasty, luscious stories and poems make up a dyke coming-of-age novel, set not in the American family, but in our traveling explosion of body-race-class-gender... Essential reading for anyone who likes to see great writing meet the jumpy side of life.

Robert Glück 

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